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  • Sally and her staff were outstanding planning our 15 year anniversary trip to Venice and Barcelona.  She created several tours from us to choose from based on our interests and desires.  Since we had never been, she was able to share her experiences and even suggested day trips to Burano and Murano and a train trip to Florence (which we never would have thought of)!  Every flight, hotel arrangement and tour was confirmed by her office and we had vouchers for everything so everything was seamless.  I will never plan a trip without contacting Vagabond Tour and Travel again.  Thanks, Sally !
    Anne Bolt
  • We are back from our vacation.  I want to personally thank you for all of your help.  You made it so easy for us and your detailed planning helped things go so well.   It was a trip of a lifetime.  Believe it or not, it was clear and sunny most days.  Rained only on our last day for a couple hours (we were inside the museum anyways).  We had an awesome time.  You have a customer for life.  I am going to do a testimony on your website, just want to take some time to word it right. The only thing that did not go well was the city tour of Juneau. (the thing I had you add at the end...must be you knew better).  The glacier tour was awesome, but the trolley ride which was supposed to be a 45 minute narrated tour showing you different city sites with stops for pictures etc. was not good.  It  was their last tour of the day, and it was obvious that the driver wanted to finish his work day and/or he was too concerned trying to get some people back to their ship.  Not sure what the problem was.   He didn't make stops at some of the sites, one of the sites he said go take pictures and hurry back...another site he said "we don' t have time to stop since we stopped and the previous site"  (a woman even asked him to stop at that particular site so she could just go out and take a quick picture and he told her no ! ).   While I almost always let things go, I decided to go to the office of Juneau City Tours to let them know how disappointed  we were with the trolley ride.  I told her they did the City of Juneau a total dis-service.   She said I wasn't the only person who complained about that last run.  They are going to issue us a refund, however, I need to give them a copy of the voucher.  (of course the driver took it).  Can you provide me with a copy of that voucher?   Or maybe even the payment receipt.? Thank you for your time.
    Sue Czerwinski
  • Sally-I just got back last night and had a fabulous experience!  Our tour guide, Maria Pilar Roccio was fantastic (the whole group agreed).  She lives in Rome- and does tours in Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Spain, maybe more.  She works for many tour companies, but can also do private tours. She was a great planner, organizer, fun, and found off-beaten places so we could spend time with local folks trying their food and wine, and learning their culture.  She has 25 years of experience. The cooking class you found was absolutely fabulous!!! Thank you so much for finding it and encouraging me to keep the reservation. I would very highly recommend Francesca to your clients. The taxi was expensive ($110 total) but there was a lot of traffic due to Easter celebration-lots of people in town. It was supposed to be a 2 hr class then dinner-but she spent 6 hours with me (I was the only student) and we had so much fun! We made 4 kinds of pasta, 2 kinds of sauces, focaccia bread, and tiramisu. She was an architect who decided to go to Le Cordon Bleu for pastries- but much of what she learned about pasta, she learned from her grandmother. I also spent part of the day walking along Lago Maggiore-it's exceptionally beautiful here with the Alps in the background and flowers blooming everywhere. I join up with the Colette group tomorrow... The flights went well~ was a bit tight in Brussels because I had to go through immigration, then a second security check at the gate.  The flight to Chicago- seat 21H proved to be a weird seat (the flight attendant even commented on it) that you wouldn't of known about by just looking at the seat arrangement that comes up on the screen- because it looks like an aisle seat, and it is- but it was an unusual one because there was no place to put your stuff and the tray and TV screens were like the bulk-head kind.  It wasn't worth the extra $149, so United said to contact them via their website--- unless you had another idea. The transfers from and to the airport went great.  In Chicago- I had plenty of time- my Global Entry card breezed me through customs in about 2 minutes.  Took about 1/2 hour to get my luggage and recheck it. Thank you kindly Sally~ I really loved my experiences on this trip!  
    Kay S
  • Sally, Thanks again to you and your staff for arranging another great vacation for our group! The RIU Palace Aruba was a beautiful resort. For as large as it was, everything was very accessible, didn’t feel like we had to walk too far for anything. The rooms were great – we were in the main building “A”, rooms 902, 903 and 905 – all looking out onto the pool and ocean. Weather was perfect! Constant breeze kept everyone comfortable. 2-3 days were extra breezy and we were hit by sand gusts throughout the day, but just on the really breezy days. The reviews we read in advance said food in specialty restaurants was mediocre and buffet food was better. We only experienced one specialty restaurant – Nautilus steak house. Food was good but it took a lot of arguing to even get in. This resort (or all RIU’s, not sure) took away the reservation process for the specialty restaurants and they cannot accommodate the # of customers they have. We were told at front desk – specialty restaurants open from 6:30-9:30. Go whenever and you will be given a “buzzer”, may have to wait for ½ or so. We saw people at 8:30 that had buzzers since 7pm and had not been seated and we tried at 8pm and were told the restaurants were closed! Different stories from 5 different staff members. Dave spoke to a manager that guaranteed us a seat at Nautilus the next night and that guarantee was honored. We ate at Buffet 3 nights and then ate off premises 3 nights. Buffet was good, but not spectacular. Off premise dining was delicious and averaged $68-$85 per person with drinks, tax and 20% tip). Transportation to and from airports was very convenient. Needed a lot of time at Aruba airport on return – we “went thru U.S. customs” in Aruba – this was time consuming, but VERY convenient when we landed at JFK. Thanks again helping make Aruba a GREAT VACATION for us. REPLY: The no reservation policy is a new "feature" that Riu is trying out. It sounds like they haven't worked out all of the kinks yet. We will file some feedback with the property.
  • Hi Sally – Want to say THANK YOU for booking us a great trip to Atlantis. We liked the resort, always something to do. Aquariums were cool. The pool near the water park was packed, tons of activity. Only Ginger ventured into the water park slides! The beach was much shorter than we remembered, must have lost a lot to erosion. Our pool was good – never had a problem getting a seat, we spent most of our time there. Got water bottle tickets – 2 bottles per day per room you could use at any concession. Handy at our pool bar. The Breakfast package was a BIG bonus. $40 per person credit at Murray’s (Deli), Olives (Todd English) and Poseidon’s Table (Buffet) With big breakfast included, no need for lunch, we only paid for dinners – made it less than $100 a day in food & drink (I supplemented from the liquor store on the island) Dinners – we ate at Olives, Bahamian Club, Carmine’s and Poseidon’s Table. We didn’t do any shows/entertainment. Spent most evenings in the Casino. Travel – Our flight down was delayed an hour – coming from Boston. When we got to resort we had to change rooms twice. First room was in reef section of the coral tower, overlooking the pool and royal tower.#3420 – mini fridge had leaked and the carpet was soaking wet around the dresser/bed. Switched to a 4th floor room in the main coral tower with a view of a roof – said no thank you. Relocated back to a reef section to #3404. Sandy & Ginger had room #3412 – close by. Room view picture attached. Happy with room but we lost the afternoon between flight delay and getting our room settled. W/T/F – good days Saturday very cloudy and rained hard a few times during the day – kind of a wash out. The bummer was our flight on Sunday was so early – leave resort at 7am (wake-up call at 5:30am). Wish we had looked at later flight options (noon or 2pm). So our 6 day, 5 night trip felt like 4 day trip. (bigger bummer since after we booked with you all the obstacles we had the weekend before were cancelled and we could have gone for longer!) Just means I’ll have to book another trip soon! Thank you again for booking our trip.  
    Lynn (Debbie, Sandy & Ginger)
  • There wasn't much we didn't like, we really enjoyed having our own tour guide and when we were with others, it was a small group, not a huge tour bus.  Also, we couldn't stop raving about the fresh food & the coconuts right off the beach.  Incredible trip! We went over our price point a little, but to be honest, it was so worth it. This trip was a trip of a lifetime.  It was our extended honeymoon in Costa Rica and we loved every minute of it!  My wife and I enjoyed a few days in Arenal.  We zip-lined, rappelled, and rode horseback all before lunch.  In the afternoon, we did white water tubing and spent the evening in the natural hot springs.  Talk about an adventure-packed day!  After our time in Arenal, we spent 5 days in Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast and it was incredible.  The resort has everything you want, but we enjoy getting out and meeting the locals and enjoying their food rather than the steakhouse or franchise type feel of some restaurants.  I highly recommend a small restaurant called Fiesta Del Mar.  The food was incredible!  We can't thank Vagabond enough for taking the time to sit with us and hear our desires for the trip.  To be honest, we couldn't have done this without them and at the same time, it felt like we went on our own and not with a huge tour group, which we greatly appreciated.  Much love and gratitude!  
    Brad and Bryanna
  • Dear Sally   Safely back in the land of snow (next weekend?)   Great time. London is very hectic. The hotel prices are out of sight. Very european-type tiny room...lobby the size of a closet.   A little stressful until one figures out the tube and the trains. Plus finding the actual departure sites for the tours...not actually at the tube stations. But we weren't late for anything!   Tube turned out to be alot like the Paris underground...a very economical way to get around.   Train rides were very nice and Liverpool was very nice. We opted for a tour of John and Paul's homes with the National Trust. Bought it at the LP train station as we got in. Very worthwhile. Then we did the museum deal at the Albert dock. Hotel was American style...larger room and lobby.   Glasgow was even better. Shoppers delight. All the food was good, even the haggis. Jury's Inn is top drawer. The staff helped me find the adddress of my grandfather's birth and of course we went by.   We opted for take a tour to Stirling Castle instead of going to Edinburgh. Castle is fabulous, but most of the reason was because we took a 30 minute bus ride from Stirling to Alva, and looked up the house my grandmother was born in. Knocked but no one was home.   USAir couldn't leave well enough alone and when we arrived back in Phillie found our flight to SYR had been canceled. Got to sit around for 6 more hours. I finally got around to emailing them about a refund of the amount we had to spend on clothes after 3 days in our travel garb. Do you have any experience in this routine?