Emanuela “Ela” Dylgjeri

Being a student (Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology doing research in prostate cancer) I still don’t have all the time or means to travel the world, but so far I have managed to travel 4 continents, 21 countries around the world, and 20 states in the U.S. I still get that same feeling every time I hop on a flight. When you love something so much, you make time and find the funds! My goal is to visit 30 countries before 30 and I am so close. For fun I enjoy making itineraries for places I have never been too, immerse myself in a good book, or workout to stay in shape for all the adventures I will engage in while traveling.
Traveling has helped open my eyes to different cultures, customs, languages, cuisines, and most importantly has opened my heart and mind to believe in the human connection. I want to help you find the same joy and excitement while traveling.

What are your goals? Do you want to see the wonders of the world, experience new cultures, check off adventures off your bucket list, relax on a beach, hike mountains around the world or all of the above??? I will help book flights, hotels, plan an itinerary so you don’t miss anything and even give you insider information (restaurants, activities and even connect you to my friends I have made in particular countries) based on my own travel experiences. I am also multilingual and I can provide you with a key words that will help during your travels so you can fit right in and never get lost.

Countries traveled:
Albania, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Kosovo, Ireland, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), Canada, Mexico (including Chichen Itza), Peru (including Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, and Huacachina Oasis), Thailand, Cambodia (including Angkor Wat), Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea (including a trip to DMZ), China (including the Great Wall).

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