Welcome to Vagabond Tour and Travel, your full service leisure travel agency, independant travel agent hosting agency and founders of the VagabondGALS teavel club for women!

For more than 15 years Sally fedrizzi has been building lasting client relationships and putting together unforgetable trips!

10 years ago Sally had the ambition to go out on her own and start Vagabond Tour and Travel and through all of her experience has put together a new Independant travel agent hosting program that is going to change how agents think of their host agencies. Check out all that we offer by clicking Here!

 If you are interested in the travel club for women or are looking for the vagabondGALS website click Here!

So what do you need to know before you call?

Think about the following questions:

What is the perfect evening for you on vacation?

What types of meals do you prefer to have during your vacation?

Are sports or an active lifestyle part of your vacation plan?                               

What kind of vacationer are you? Do you like the beach, pool, art museum, culture, do you like to sitesee or all of the above?  

What activities do you want to participate in while on vacation? 

What is your preferred hotel, airlines, class of travel?

Do you like to travel with couples, family, singles or solo?  

What is your budget? 

Most people are taken aback by this last question, but a good agent can qualify you for a specific vacation more properly if they know your spending parameters. We are not looking to spend your whole budget, we just want to be able to tell you what you can do within your budget to better match you to the trip of your dreams. 

These are just a few of the questions that will help us assist you in planning the perfect vacation. 

So, why choose Vagabond?  Because We Take Your Wandering Seriously!

If you are interested in a trip you already have started or just some ideas for trips you would like to take, click the link and Request More Information.